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Bret Werner Introduces 2011 Catalyst Fan Engagement Study

Yesterday, we introduced the 2011 Fan Engagement Study. Today, Catalyst Managing Partner Bret Werner introduced the study’s main findings and brand implications. Check it out.

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Athlete Influencers Driving Purchase for Consumer Brands through Social Channels

For consumer brands seeking to drive purchase through social media engagement, the solution may be simple: have an athlete mention it.

According to our 2011 Catalyst Fan Engagement Study, sports fans who follow their favorite athletes on social media are 55% more likely to purchase a brand if an athlete mentions it on Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, athlete mentions of brands on social media can have an even bigger impact on young (18-34), non-white fans (75% more likely to purchase) and those with kids at home (62%).  Catalyst Public Relations commissioned Vision Critical to develop its second annual Catalyst Fan Engagement Study, exploring the growing convergence of sports and social media.   Conducted in May 2011, more than 2,000 fans nationwide participated in the survey, which focused on the social media attitudes and usage habits of NFL, NBA, MLB, and college football and basketball fans.

Read more on our press release page.

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Want to Increase Your Twitter Followers?

By Ray Rahmati

Catalyst Public Relations

Go out and win a major golf tournament! That’s just what 22-year-old Rory McIlroy did yesterday after dominating the field at Congressional Country Club to become the second youngest player to win a major championship.

Young Rory, an active Twitter user with over 300,000 followers to his account prior to the U.S. Open, rounded up nearly 60,000 new followers on Saturday and Sunday of the tournament, an increase of nearly 19%—upon last count his account was at 409,398 followers.

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Vancouver Stanley Cup Riots: Aftermath on Twitter & Facebook

A massive riot occurred in Vancouver after their 4-0 loss in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins last night. Mashable collected real-time pictures, showcasing the massive rioting that occurred in the streets. 

Why the violence?

Well, first, the Bruins’ win marks the first Stanley Cup Title in 39 years. The team proudly brought home the championship win to a passionate city with incredible pride for their successful sports teams. 

While the Bruins had a lot to gain, the Vancouver Canucks had a lot to lose. Coming on the heels of an incredibly strong season and a 2-0 lead into the final, they lost in game 7, and even worse - to Boston, a long-time rival, on their home turf. 

As the rioting after the game intensified, so did the volume on Facebook and Twitter, most notably with the hashtag #canucksriot, which continues to trend on Twitter this morning.

On the positive side, over 11,000 people have accepted an invitation to clean up the aftermath left on the streets of Vancouver this morning, evidenced by this Facebook event which started last night, and is supported by the Vancouver police department. 

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Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business

By Cassie Eberle

Catalyst Public Relations

A synthetic-biologist, a brew master and a White House chef walk into a wine bar… no this isn’t the start of another Beer Summit joke – it’s the beginning of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business 2011 event and proof that, in any industry, creativity is not just an element of success, but at the root of it.

While every speaker had a uniquely inspiring story, I tried to pull out a few common threads that seemed woven into each – the Cliff Notes version, if you will, to a captivating 4 hour discussion.

Find Your Voice, But Don’t Be Confined By It

As marketers, we talk a lot about finding our “Brand voice.” For The Onion, that means always staying in the character of “REAL fake news.” For ESPN, that means never forgetting their mission as sports fans serving sports fans.

What that doesn’t mean is squashing an idea just because it doesn’t seem like an obvious fit. What makes perfect sense in hindsight might have actually started out as a risky move.

If you’re Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and you want to brew a delicious craft beer, the seemingly logical decision would have been to find a new way to mix the old favorites - water, barley and hops. What Dogfish Head did instead was go against tradition and mix in unique, local ingredients such as honey, saffron and melon to create an off-center niche of endless possibilities.

Solve a Problem, Serve a Need

Even if we’re not curing cancer, ideas should serve some sort of purpose – and no, “media coverage” is not a purpose. Reshman Shetty of Ginkgo BioWorks wanted her lab to smell less like a latrine, so she engineered a strain of E.coli that smelled minty fresh (instead of like poo). Alex Kipman of Xbox wanted to create a gaming system that removed the technology and felt more like life. Thus, Kinect was born.

People (and yes, media people too) gravitate towards and respond to products and ideas that help make life easier and more enjoyable. This is not a new concept, just one that can all too often get pushed to the side by sexier buzz words like “social media” and “gamification.”   

Love Your Idea

Loving every idea that pops into your head is ridiculous, however if you don’t love the idea you decide to evolve, how do you expect anyone else to? Leila Janah was told by colleagues and potential investors alike that her idea for a non-profit social business where people in developing countries do data work for blue-chip companies would never get off the ground. But she kept pushing and made it a reality in Samasource, which is now successfully competing against major for-profit players. 

Every idea, good or bad, pretty much has the same genesis story – it’s up to us to grow it in the right direction.

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Catalyst Employees Volunteer at Prospect Park Field Day

Today, some of the Catalyst crew volunteered with the Prospect Park Alliance, manning a field day for summer school kids at Prospect Park, in a children’s area that consists of a Historic House, a Carousel, as well as a large open field.

The day consisted of organized outdoor games for middle-school NYC kids. We had a great time encouraging them to be physically active! Check out some pictures below. 


MLB vs. Stephen Colbert: Beat the Streak

For the next three days, Major League Baseball (MLB) and Stephen Colbert are engaged in a Beat the Streak baseball knowledge competition. 

What’s at steak? If the MLB loses, they will grant Colbert full access to their Twitter account, which has over 1.2 million fans, for 24 hours.

As part of the challenge, which begins today, Colbert and MLB will each make one Beat the Streak pick per day and whoever posts the longest streak of correct picks within the three-day span will win the challenge.

Read an official update here:

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ESPN 3D Marks One Year Anniversary With Plans For Continued Growth

Check out the Cynopsis Sports interview with Bryan Burns, ESPN’s VP of Strategic Business Planning and Development, about ESPN 3D and the role of sports in consumer adaption to technology and ESPN’s role in that process.

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Big Lead Sports Hires Barry Janoff To Expand Sports Business Offerings

The Big Lead added Bary Janoff, a talented sports business editor, to its roster, in its new, dedicated Sports Business section. Read more about this news over at SportsBusiness Journal