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Cablevision Taps to Counter World Series “Blackout”

In News Corp and Cablevision’s ongoing contract battle that has left 3 million customers in the New York tristate area without TV coverage of, among other popular things, the National League Championship Series and now the World Series, the PR battle seems to be going to the cable provider.

In addition to reminding customers frequently of the numerous offers, including binding arbitration, it has made to News Corp, most recently it extended a $10 credit to subscribers to sign up for’s which features the ability to:

  • 8 different fixed camera angles
  • In-game highlights
  • Portability via At Bat 2010 (Watch LIVE on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Most importantly, it offers fans the ability to not miss the World Series.

While ultimately no one’s a winner in this dispute, credit Cablevision for recognizing the creative online alternative for its frustrated subscribers and financially investing in customer service/good PR.